Slavery Tour

$4,500 / Per person

Pay for Booking


This is a slavery tour  that is being packaged by Fambul Tik, the tour is meant to visit sites that were used as slavery areas in Sierra Leone.

  • 2 Days
  • Age 13+
  • Freetown, Sierra Leone.
Destination: Sierra Leone
Departure Airport: Hartisfield Johnson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)
Departure Date: 14/11/2024
Departure Time: 4:30 CAT
  • Transportation
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Entrance Fees
  • Tour Guide fees
  • Elders greeting fees.
  • Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner.
  • Cultural performances.
  • Wifi during tours.
  • Air fares
  • Extra breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Donations.
  • Souvenirs
  • Medical expenses
  • Gifts or tips

Tour Plan

This package is meant to visit slavery/heritage sites in Sierra Leone. During the three days tour, most of these areas which the tour supposed to cover would be toured in other to learn in depth about the destinations.


Friday 15/11/2024

Day 1: Arrival of guests at the Freetown International Airport.

This specific day is when the guests will official arrive in Sierra Leone at the Freetown International Airport in Lungi.

    [6:00pm GMT)
  • Arrival of guests at the Freetown International Airport
  • [6:30pm GMT]
  • Depart for the hotel in Lungi.
  • [6:45pm GMT]
  • Check in at the hotel
  • [7:15pm GMT]
  • Dinner at the hotel

Saturday 16/11/2024

Day 2: Bunce Island

It is referred to as one of the greatest islands in Sierra Leone and beyond. This island was the main hub for slavery during the inception of slavery in 1670, main slaves during were first taken to this island before departed the shores of Sierra Leone.

  • [7:00pm GMT]
  • Breakfast
  • [8:00am GMT] .
  • Check out of the hotel.
  • [8:15am GMT]
  • Depart for Bunce Island.
  • [9:00am GMT]
  • Arrival of guests at the island.
  • [12:00pm GMT ]
  • Finished touring Bunce Island.
  • [12:15pm GMT ]
  • Lunch .
  • [1:00pm GMT ]
  • Depart for the hotel in Freetown. .
  • [7:30pm GMT ]
  • Dinner.

Sunday 17/11/2024

Day 3: Banana Islands

There are three islands which made up the Banana Islands they are; Dalton, Ricketts and Mes-Meaux. These islands were part of the slavery business which commenced in 1670 before it was totally abolished in 1808.

  • [7:30am GMT]
  • [Breakfast
  • 9:00am GMT]
  • Depart for the Banana Islands Tour
  • [1:00 pm GMT]
  • Lunch at the island
  • [4:00pm GMT]
  • Depart Banana Island for the hotel
  • [7:30pm GMT]
  • [Dinner at the Hotel

Tuesday 19/11/2024

Day 4: Return Date

The day five is meant for departure of guests from the Freetown International Airport [FNA] for USA.

  • [7:00 am GMT]
  • Breakfast
  • [10: 00am GMT]
  • Depart for the Freetown Ferry to Lungi
  • [12:00 pm GMT]
  • Lunch in Lungi
  • [2:30 pm GMT]
  • Drive to the airport

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Freetown, Sierra Leone.