Homecoming Tour

$5,999 / Per person

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This image portrays Black and African American women engaged in cooking activities within a rural village setting, in honor of International Women’s Day. The scene captures the essence of community and tradition, as the women work together around a traditional fire or stove, surrounded by the natural and communal backdrop of their village. It celebrates the women’s vital role in cultural practices and sustenance
  • Duration: 10 Days, 9 Nights
  • Min Group Size: 3 People
  • Max Group Size: 30 People
Destination: Sierra Leone, West Africa
Full Package: USD $5,999
Excluding Flight: USD $3,999
Excluding Flight & Accommodation: USD $ 2,349
Departure Airports: Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Dulles International Airport (IAD)
Departure Date: December 28th, 2024
Departure Time: Varies for each airline
Arrival Airport: Freetown International Airport (FNA)
Arrival Date: December 29th, 2024
Arrival Time: 8:00 PM GMT
Return Date: January 8th, 2025
Return Time: 8:00 PM GMT
Activity Level Rating: Level 3: Moderate / Active (long touring days, many full-day excursions, and a full and active itinerary with a faster pace and longer distances)
Included in Package:
  • Return Air fares from Atlanta, New York and Washington DC to Freetown
  • 9 Nights Hotel Accommodation
  • Attraction Entrance Fees
  • Tour Guide Fees
  • Local Transportation
  • Boat Ride
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Elders Greeting fees
  • Traditional dance fees
  • Internet wifi
Excluded from package:
  • Extra breakfast, lunch, & dinner
  • Tips and donations
  • Medical expenses
  • Souvenirs
  • Alcohol
  • Private expense
Payment Plan:
  • Full payment before July 2024: 5% discount
  • Initial reservation before June 2024: $200
  • First Week July 2024: $1,149
  • First Week September 2024: Remaining balance
Payment Options:
  • Credit/Debit Card online
  • Direct deposit/Wire Transfer
  • Money Order
  • Personal Check
  • Paypal/Venmo
Cancellation Charges prior to departure:
  • 91 or more days: $150
  • 90 – 61 days: $350
  • 60 – 46 days: $50% of tour cost
  • 45 – 31 days: $75% of tour cost
  • 30 days or less days: No refund
Important Documents:

Tour Plan

Detailed schedule of activities from December 28th, 2024 to January 8th, 2025. We will be visiting multiple regions, cities, towns, villages and attractions while in Sierra Leone. This homecoming tour which will be executed by Fambul Tik consist of slavery, resistance, abolition and the Gullah connection to Sierra Leone. Many of these activities will be dealt with during this ten days tour that will go through in the North, South, East and West of Sierra Leone.


Saturday, December 28, 2024

DEPARTURE: Depart from Atlanta (ATL)

The first day is going to be the date when guests will depart from USA. Their landing airport is the Freetown International Airport Sierra Leone (FNA).

  • [8:25 p.m ET] AF 689, to Paris, France (CDG)

Sunday, December 29, 2024

Arrival of Guests.

On this day, guests would land at the FNA Airport after a long trip from the USA. Some cultural and traditional activities would be performed to show case the cultures to the arriving guests.

  • [1:35 p.m. CET] Depart from Paris, France (CDG) on AF 596 to Freetown (FNA) [3 hours layover in Paris]
  • [7:15 p.m. GMT] Arrive at Freetown International Airport (FNA)
  • [7:30 p.m. GMT] Libation ceremony on the runway. Traditional welcoming performances. Pick up and transportation to hotel in Lungi a few miles away.
  • [8:30 p.m. GMT] Arrival at hotel in Lungi
  • [9:00 p.m. GMT] Late Dinner

Monday, December 30, 2024

Day 1: Bunce Island.

Bunce Island is an heritage site where thousands of slaves were sailed to before being departed for their final destinations. There are so many historical significances to this site, visiting this island would be one of our main target for the tour.

  • [7:30 a.m. GMT] Breakfast at the hotel in Lungi.
  • [9:30 a.m. GMT] Depart for Bunce Island tour
  • [11:30 a.m. GMT] Tour Bunce Island which will be done by a professional tour guide.
  • [1:30 p.m. GMT] " Lunch on Bunce Island
  • [2:30 p.m. GMT] Depart for the hotel in Freetowm
  • [3:30 p.m. GMT] Check-in at the hotel in Freetown. .
  • (8:00pm. GMT) Dinner- Taste the local Sierra Leonean cuisine.

Tuesday, December 31, 2024

Day 2: Casual Tour

There will not be any educational tour on this day, guests will be relief off, they would be taken to leisure areas such as beaches, entertainment places and some areas. Guests will use this time to rest.

  • [7:30 a.m. GMT] Breakfast at the hotel in Freetown
  • [11:30 a.m. GMT] Take a casual stroll to the beaches
  • [1:00 pm. GMT] Lunch within town.
  • [2:00 p.m. GMT] Drive to the peninsula road and take a walk to the company estate houses.
  • [4:00 p.m. GMT] Depart for Freetown.
  • [8:00 p.m. GMT] Dinner.

Wednesday, January 1, 2025

Day 3: Rogbonko Village

we will visit there for tourists to have insights about weaving and other local souvenirs that are made by the local people. This is connected to the Gullah Geechee people in the upland areas in America that are making some of these things. Tourists can also buy them and witness a brief demonstration of how the villagers are producing their basketry.

  • [7:00 a.m. GMT] Breakfast at the hotel in Freetown.
  • [8:30 a.m. GMT] Depart for Rogbonko Village
  • [11:30 a.m. GMT] Arrival of guests at Rogbonko Village with a cultural performance, know about their basketry production, see a practical display of how the baskets are made and also purchase as souvenirs
  • [1:00 p.m. GMT] Lunch time
  • [2:00 p.m. GMT] Depart Rogbonko Village for the hotel in Makeni.
  • [3:00 p.m. GMT] Check-in at the hotel in Makeni
  • [8:00 p.m. GMT] Dinner at the hotel in Makeni.

Thursday, January 2, 2025

Day 4: Old Yagala

This place is referred to as a place where slavery was resisted by the Limbas during slavery, it was used as a hide out for them not to be captured by any invader. Up till today, there are remains of Old Yagala that shows how the then residents built their stoned pitch houses, kings burial ground and other vital places. It is good for any heritage tourist to visit this place to know and see where slavery was resisted.

  • [7:00 a.m. GMT] Breakfast at hotel in Makeni
  • [8:30 a.m. GMT] Depart for Old Yagala
  • [11:00 a.m. GMT] Arrival of Guests in Kabala to the paramount chief Gbawuru Mansaray the III of Wara Wara Yagala Chiefdom which will be accompany by, an introduction, cultural performance, proper history about Old Yagala by a tour guide who happens to be a resident in the village.
  • [12:00 p.m. GMT]</strong
  • Depart Kabala for Old Yagala Village.
  • [12:10 p.m. GMT] Lunch time.
  • [12:30 p.m. GMT] Hiking to Old Yagala commences.
  • [3:00 p.m. GMT] Depart for Makeni
  • [8:00pm GMT] Dinner at the hotel in Makeni.

Friday, January 3, 2025

Day 5: Big Markit Shopping

This Markit has been in operation for over many years now, it is important to visit this market to buy local souvenirs such as crafts, weaving products, traditional instruments and many more, tourists do visit this Markit to buy many of these items as souvenirs.

  • [ 7:00 a.m. GMT] Breakfast at the hotel in Makeni
  • [8:30 a.m. GMT] Depart Makeni for Freetown.
  • [12:00 p.m. GMT] Lunch in town
  • [1:00 p.m. GMT] Depart for the Freetown Big Markit shopping.
  • [4:30 p.m. GMT] Check-in at the hotel.
  • [8:00 p.m. GMT] Dinner at the hotel

Saturday, January 4, 2025

Day 6: Freetown Tour

The Freetown tour is very important, there will be an exclusive tour within the Freetown municipality. All the key areas that have great history to Sierra Leone would be visited during the tour.

  • [8:00 a.m. GMT] Breakfast
  • [9:00 a.m. GMT] Depart for the Freetown tour which includes The National Museum, Cotton Tree, Old Fourah College Building, Kings Yard Gate etc.
  • [1:00 p.m. GMT] Lunch in town R&R
  • [2:30 p.m. GMT] Depart for the hotel.
  • [8:00 p.m. GMT] Dinner at the hotel.

Sunday, January 5, 2025

Day 7: Senehun Golahun

Senehun Golahun is a village found in the Southern District of Sierra Leone. This community has special connection to the Gullah Geechees of America.

  • [7:00 a.m. GMT] Breakfast at hotel in Freetown.
  • [8:30 a.m. GMT] Depart for Senehun Golahun Village
  • [12:30 pm. GMT] Arrival of guests at the village which would be accompany by a cultural dance, introduction, know the connections between Senehun Golahun and the Gullah Geechee.
  • [1:00 p.m. GMT] Lunch at Senehun Golahun Village.
  • [2:00 p.m. GMT] Depart Senehun Golahun for the hotel in Bo.
  • [4:00 p.m. GMT] Check in at the hotel
  • [8:00pm GMT] Dinner at the hotel in Bo.

Monday, January 6, 2025

Day 8: Kenema

Kenema is the district head quarter town in the Eastern Region, the Mende ethnic group has one of the most cultural activities when it comes to their dance, music, food, costume etc.

  • [8:00 a.m. GMT] Breakfast at the hotel in Bo.
  • [9:30 a.m. GMT] Depart for Kenema.
  • [10:00 a.m. GMT] Arrival of guests in Kenema which would be accompany by a cultural performance, introduction, insight about the Mendes etc.
  • [1:00 p.m. GMT] Lunch in Kenema
  • [2:00 p.m. GMT] Depart Kenema for the hotel in Bo.
  • [8:00 p.m. GMT] Dinner at the hotel

Tuesday, January 7, 2025

Day 9: Casual Tour in Bo Town.

There would be another final casual tour in Bo after having hectic tours. gusts would also have the opportunity to visit some local markets where in they could buy any souvenir of their choice or to also have a view of the city. This will serve as therapy for guests to have a total energy before their departure.

  • [8:00 a.m. GMT] Breakfast at the hotel in Bo.
  • [9:30 a.m. GMT] Take a casual tour in Bo town.
  • [12:30 p.m. GMT] Lunch in town.
  • [8:00 p.m]. Dinner at the hotel
  • [9:00pm GMT] A recap of the tour after taking dinner.

Wednesday, January 8, 2025

Day 10: Departure Date.

No other educational or casual movement would be executed on this day, guests would be prepared to depart for the airport to USA.

  • [7:00 a.m. GMT] Breakfast at the hotel in Bo.
  • [8:30 a.m. GMT] Depart for Lungi.
  • [11:30 p.m. GMT] Arrive in Lungi.
  • [12:00 p.m. GMT] Lunch in Lungi.
  • [1:00 p.m. GMT] Free time where in we would until the departure time comes closer then drive to the airport for Departure.

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Sierra Leone is a country in Western Africa with a coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Neighboring countries include Guinea and Liberia. The geography includes swamps, beaches, wooded hills, and mountains in the interior