Resistance Tour

$3,800 / Per person

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Slavery resistance was a very difficult thing during slavery in Sub-Saharan Africa especially Sierra Leone. But Old Yagala a village where Limbas used as hidden place was never attacked during slavery, it has today becomes one of the heritage products in the Tourism industry of Sierra Leone.

  • 2 Days
  • Age 13+
  • Freetown, Sierra Leone
Destination:Sierra Leone
Departure Airport:Hartisfield Johnson Atlanta International Airport [ATL]
Departure Tate:1/10/2024
Return Date:4/10/2024
  • TransportationHotel 
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Entrance Fees
  • Tour Guide
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Elders greetings fee
  • Air fares
  • donations
  • Gifts
  • Medical Expenses
  • Extra Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Tour Plan

This two days tour is being executed for any heritage loving tourists to visit Old Yagala and know how this site was used during slavery, there are so many attractions found on this site up till date.


Tuesday 1/10/2024

Day 1: Arrive at the Freetown International Airport [FNA]

This the official date when we will receive all guests at the airport no sooner the flight landed.

  • 5:00pm GMT
  • Arrival of guests
  • 5:30pm GMT
  • Depart the shores of Lungi for Freetown
  • 7:30pm GMT
  • Dinner at the hotel

Wednesday 2/10/2024

Day 2: Old Yagala

Departing day to Old Yagala to see and learn the greatest history about this resisted heritage site during slave trade in Sierra Leone.

  • [7:00am GMT] Early Morning Breakfast.
  • [8:AM GMT] Depart Freetown to Old Yagala.
  • [12:00pm GMT] Lunch while on the go.
  • [12:35pm GMT] Arrive in Kabala safely to greet the paramount chief, cultural performance and meet with key chiefdom stakeholders.
  • [1:30pm GMT] Depart for Old Yagala Hiking.
  • [4:00pm GMT] Depart Old Yagala for the hotel in Makeni.
  • [6:30pm GMT] Check in at the hotel.
  • [8:00pm GMT] Dinner at the hotel.

Wednesday 3/3/2024

Day 3:Depart for Freetown

on day two of the tour, we will depart Makeni for Freetown to visit some areas and also shop at the famous Freetown Big Markit.

  • [7:00am GMT] Breakfast
  • [8:30 am GMT] Depart Makeni for Freetown
  • [12:00 pm GMT] Lunch in Freetown.
  • [1:00 pm GMT] Commence the Freetown stroll and Big Markit shopping.
  • [8:00 pm GMT] Dinner at the hotel.

Thursday 4/10/2024

Day 4: Return Date

The stipulated date for all guests to depart for the airport in Lungi.

  • [7:00am GMT] Early Morning Breakfast.
  • [10:30AM GMT] Depart Freetown to Lungi.
  • [12:00pm GMT] . Have lunch in Lungi.
  • [3:00pM GMT] Depart For the airport for guests to check in.

Freetown, Sierra Leone