Abolition Tour

$3,800 / Per person

Pay for Booking


The abolition tour is a very vital tour package which we are selling out so that, all those who are interested to visit sites where the freed slaves returned back then. Those who were fortunate to return in Freetown and it environs resided in various parts of the country.

  • 2 Days
  • Age 13+
  • Freetown, Sierra Leone
Destination:Sierra Leone
Departure Airport:Hartisfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport [ATL]
Departure Date:8/5/2024
Return Date:12/5/2024
  • Entrance Fees
  • Tour Guide
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Wifi Network during tours. 
  • Air fares
  • Medical expenses
  • Extra Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Donations
  • Tips
  • Souvenirs

Tour Plan

This is tour is specifically going to be two days excluding the arrival and departure date of guests. The tour is going to take place in Freetown and the peninsula areas where most of these sites can be found after slavery was abolished in 1808.


Wednesday 9/5/2024

Day 1: Arrive at the Freetown International Airport Sierra Leone

When guests depart the USA on the 8 of May 2024, they will land at the Freetown International Airport [FNA] where they will be picked up and depart for the hotel in Freetown.

  • [5:00pm GMT] Arrival of guests at the airport.
  • [5:30pm GMT] Depart Lungi for Freetown.
  • [6:00pm GMT] Check in at the hotel in Freetown.
  • [8:00pm GMT] Dinner at the hotel where guests will taste the local meals of Sierra Leoneans.

Thursday 10/5/2024

Day 2: Freetown Abolition Tour

On this date, the tour will exclusively commence where in we will start by touring all the sites or areas in Freetown which has great connection to the slavery abolition such as Cotton Tree, King's Yard Gate, the Portuguese step, Old Fourah College Building, Maroon church, National Museum, Freetown Big Markit, Leicester Peak etc.

  • [7:00am GMT] Breakfast at the hotel.
  • [8:30am GMT] Depart for the Freetown abolition tour.
  • [12:00pm GMT] Lunch in town.
  • [5:00pm GMT] Depart for the hotel.
  • [7:30pm GMT] Dinner at the hotel.

Friday 11/5/2024

Day 3: York & Kent Villages

York and Kent Villages are located in the Western Area Rural District of Sierra Leone, it is about 40 minutes drive from the capital Freetown to the villages. These villages are another important towns where many freed slaves occupied after when they returned to Sierra Leone.

  • [7:00am GMT] Breakfast.
  • [9:00am GMT] Depart for York Village tour.
  • [12:00pm GMT] Lunch
  • [4:30pm GMT] Depart for the hotel.
  • [7:30pm GMT] Dinner.

Saturday 12/5/2024

Day 4: Return Date:

There is not going to be any tour on this date, after the two days tour which took place in Freetown and the peninsula, guests would depart the shores of Sierra Leone.

  • [7:00am GMT] Breakfast at the hotel
  • [9:30am GMT] Check out of the hotel.
  • [10:00am GMT] Depart for the ferry terminal.
  • [12:00pm GMT] Lunch in Lungi.
  • [3:00pm GMT] Check in at the Freetown International Airport.

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The map below illustrates about different places in Sierra Leone, this is a country that is located in West Africa shared border between Guinea and Liberia.