A small group of Africans beat the odds and maintained important vestiges of their heritage for the past two and a half centuries on the tiny island of Carriacou in Grenada.

This special community not only managed to retain characteristic song and dance compositions, that they now have as part of what they call the “Big Drum Dance”, but some still refer to themselves as Temnes, amazing eh?

Your very own globetrotting Chief Amadu was there in September 2016 in the midst of this remarkable community busy introducing them to Sierra Leonean dignitaries who had made the long journey to connect with their long-lost relatives. Amen. 

Respect to the ancestors!

In a show of paying homage to common ancestors, Chief Amadu Massally bows to kiss the ground at Grand Bay Plantation, Carriacou, where Sierra Leoneans plowed rice growing plantatoins for Richard Oswlad, the lessee of Bunce Island at one time, and his Scottish friends.  September 2016