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Fambul Tik in Krio, the local 'lingua franca' of Sierra Leone, translates into Family Tree, in English. We develop relationships with descendants of Sierra Leone and engage them in potentially life-changing activities. A core competency is that we lead heritage tours to Sierra Leone as part of these engagements. But we also hold workshops and seminars or present at events that relate to the links between Sierra Leone and the Gullah-Geechee people. And we have spent time also developing relationships with others in places, where descendants of Sierra Leoneans may be. Following historical evidence to the extent that we know it.

Founded in 2006 and operating as the Sierra Leone-Gullah Heritage Association then, the mission is to nurture the relationships between Sierra Leoneans and Gullah-Geechees, and now serving as Fambul Tik that mission thirteen years later; stays the same. But the organization's scope now includes other places to include Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Carriacou, Cuba, Grenada, and about a dozen others we plan to reconnect with. Through these pages, you will learn more as to what we have done to date re reconnecting with descendants of Sierra Leone in the Americas. We have much to do ahead! But we are in and on a movement and ever-evolving

Fambul Tik takes a keen interest in reconnecting descendants of Sierra Leone around the world to their country of origin and their relatives; the people. We believe roots tourism is “people tourism” and we go at lengths to make that the ultimate traveler experience even as we visit historical sites in the country. To keep connections alive Fambul Tik has visited with African Americans, Jamaicans, Trinbagonians, Grenadians and Carriacouans. On purpose

Our heritage tours to Sierra Leone illustrate three elements of the Transatlantic Slave Trade on a broad note: Slavery, Resistance, and Abolition. Sierra Leone shows those three elements at Bunce Island (the slave trade), Old Yagala (institutional resistance to the slave trade), and Freetown (abolition and freedom).

We also do people engagement activities in which we reconnect to members of the Sierra Leonean diaspora in particular and the African diaspora in general. We gave reconnect and build relationships with kinfolk in the United States, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Carriacou to date, e.g. We will visit others. The big vision is to reconnect Africa and her diaspora, or vice versa. One country at a time, as we experience the heritage and cultural reawakening, today!

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