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We provide fascinating roots and cultural tours, with a high focus on customer-satisfaction, leaving clients with a lasting impression that is expected to bring them healing, appreciation, and enjoyment from a country and her people worth knowing about.

Fambul Tik Heritage coordinates Heritage Trips to various locations around the world related to the shared West African heritage, particularly resulting from the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Our key focus is to provide the traveler with an array of tools to discover the depths of their shared African heritage, while exploring all the fascinating ecological and historical amusements the local destinations have to offer.

  • Sierra Leone
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Grenada
  • Jamaica
  • South Carolina, US
  • Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Georgia, US


Founded in 2006 as the Sierra Leone - Gullah Connection, and now operating as Fambul Tik ("Family Tree"), this cultural organization has broadened her scope over the recent years.

Today, it is poised as a leading historical study tour company that has at its core value, depicting accurate stories as to how a given community is linked back to the country.

The broader vision is to connect the Continent of Africa with her diaspora, and vice versa.  The quest for connecting people has landed us in both South Carolina and Georgia with our Gullah kinfolk, Jamaica where we have links with Trelawny Town Maroons, Trinidad and Tobago where we rediscovered Sierra Leone Road, and Carriacou, where descendants of Temne still do Temne dances and sing Temne songs.