In July 2015, while attending Reggae Sunsplash in Montego Bay, Jamaica, Chief Amadu Massally spontaneously decided one day to hire a car and left for Flagstaff.  This place used to be called Trelawny Town and it is home to about six hundred Maroons who were tricked by the British, taken to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1796 and resettled in Freetown, Sierra Leone in 1800. 

From that visit, Fambul Tik was able to work with the Trelawny Town Maroons leadership and members of the Government of Sierra Leone to coordinate a Maroon Reunion. It was on the second anniversary of what they call "Treaty Day!"

We had not reconnected like this in 170 years when descendants of those Maroons left Freetown for Flagstaff in 1846.  What a treat it was on Treaty Day!


Sign on the way to Flagstaff, Jamaica.  As you can see it reads "formerly Trelawny Town."  The original name.

On the way to Flagstaff... Jamaica

 Below is a photo that illustrates descendants of two Maroon communities sharing a moment with descendants of Maroons from Sierra Leone.  Family!
Maroons from Jamaica and Sierra Leone