In February of 2016, Chief Amadu was able to visit Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival and while galivanting the Quenspark Savannah ran into stenciled signs in big block letters: "SIERRA LEONE!"  One, two, three... all of a sudden a pattern developed.

By the end of the day, our diaspora man engaged the Government of the Republic Trinidad and Tobago, via the Diego Martin Cooperation, for them to reinstall a road sign that only had the name: "Sierra Leone Road."  It worked!   

And in August of 2016, we had a small procession on Sierra Leone to go and unveil the road sign; marking that piece of history as the video link illustrates:


Unveiling Sierra Leone Road in TT

Here, Amadu Massally is seen unveiling the street sign with Khafra Kambon, Chairman of the Emancipation Support Committee of Trinindad and Tobago.